Magic is Not Real: Chapter 3: Office Chit-Chat

“Gen! GEN!” Someone calls my name.

“Oh, yes, Sandy?” I look away from my computer. Sandy is much taller than I am, but then that is not hard to do. I am five foot. She, five foot seven. As she walked across the office, I couldn’t help to notice how she contrasted against the room. She almost always wore a black pant suit, and her skin was as dark as obsidian.

“What is the progress on us getting a new PM?” She lazily leans on my desk. I suspect she is wanting to chat for while.

“Well, I submitted a report to management about how maxed out you all are already and included details about a few potential clients that we are likely to sign soon as well. It is the fourth quarter, and revenue is down. We are going to have to practically beg to get one. I am expecting an answer by the end of the week. How are things in your neck of the woods?”

“Busy as always! I am having trouble with our new plumbing client. He won’t return any of the team’s calls. I have been by the office 3 times this month trying to touch base, and he is always too busy. How are we supposed to get materials approved if he isn’t available! UGH.”

“I understand. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No. I just needed someone to vent to. Thanks for listening Gen. Back to the dungeon that is my desk.”

“Okay. Not a problem. Come vent any time. It is what I am here for.” I smile as she turns and walks away.

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