About My Personality

My imperative (My command) is to work directly with individuals to help them overcome societal barriers by helping them find answers and increase their knowledge.

I seek to impact individuals or groups of individuals.

I am driven to ensure everyone has access to opportunity.

I uncover new information and develop insights.

It breaks my heart to know people go hungry. It breaks my heart to know that people sleep without shelter. It breaks my heart to know that people go without health care. What breaks my heart more is to hear people say that those people deserve it. No one deserves to be hungry. No one deserves to not have shelter. No one deserves to go without treatment. No one. Not the “good” people. Not the “bad” people. Not adults. Not children. No one deserves to be in poverty.

In the not too distant future no one will go hungry. No one will be without shelter. No one will be without healthcare. This is an idealized view of the near future. Some may say that this is unrealistic and unachievable. However, nothing is impossible if we work together to build the perfect society. What matters is not that we achieve this within our lifetime, but that we continuously work toward it.

My strengths include working hard and working smart to ensure that the best work is done not just today but the best work can be done tomorrow. Please ask more of me. Not just better, but more. I will enthusiastically tackle the challenge. CHALLENGE ME!

My weaknesses include being embarrassingly horrible with people’s names and faces in addition to having low self-assurance. Throughout my education I have always been at the top of my class. Since I have always attended small schools, my fear is that my peers were “average” and thus my above average was actually the average … OR WORSE! Though I have hardly ever thought poorly of my peers, my fear persists.

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