Food, Exercise, and Being Free

My YouTube binges vary from week to week causing an endless cycle. Lately, I have been watching many vegan, minimalist, and organizing videos. As you know, I am constantly trying to change my life style so that I am a healthier person. It is not that hard, eat less (more vegetables, less processed foods), move more, continue to breath.

Did you know that when you lose body fat something around 80% of it is converted to carbon dioxide? The rest is converted to water — sweat, tears, and urine.

Some time ago, my vegetable consumption decreased causing me to gain all the weight that I lost… and then some. Today, my grocery shopping consisted of plant materials — fruits and vegetables. I also bought goat cheese and feta (isn’t feta a goat cheese too?) and a pair of workout pants.

My brunch consisted of a banana blackberry almond milkshake, with a spring mix salad with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese (not the feta) topped with zesty Italian dressing. Dinner will be fried cabbage and brats.

In order to in courage me to do the things I need to do — eat vegetables and exercise — I have started a sticker calendar. Every time I do something that I am supposed to do, I get a sticker. Reward system! Plus, it is a visual to help keep me motivated. Results aren’t instant, but stickers show that I am making progress!

Do what you need to do to stay motivated. You can do this!

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