Magic is Not Real: Chapter Two: The Drive to Work

It’s a cloudy day, and the moon is full, and I am heading to work. It’s a short drive–about 20 minutes through morning traffic on city streets. It is nice living so close to work. On a bad traffic day, it might take me 25 minutes instead. On a great traffic day, it would be 15 minutes.

My dream would be to live close enough to walk. I imagine myself walking down the street. Long, curly, bright red hair blowing in the breeze.  Just looking fab.

Back to reality. Pull up to the metro bus station. “Have a nice day at work my love,” my fiancee says to me. We kiss.

“Have a great day at school and work.” I smile. We kiss again, exchange I love yous, and he then reluctantly steps out of the car, grabs his laptop, and heads to waiting zone. This is our morning routine.

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