A random morning thought: childhood education

What if there are some teachers accidentally teaching our youngsters to not be ambitious?

During my childhood, I recall some teachers would allow bonus work and others would not. The teachers that did not allow bonus work would say they didn’t want the extra work, though a few claimed it did not reflect the “real world.” I also recall some teachers not allowing late work for the same reasons.

I propose that by not allowing late work or bonus work, teachers are inadvertently teaching our children to not be successful. During my short time in the “real world” I find that employers do allow late work – at a cost – and they LOVE bonus work.

Employers would rather you complete your work late than not at all. However, if you make a habit of it, you will be fired.

Also, employers want their employees to be ambitious and take on additional responsibilities and learn new skills. That is the easiest way to get raises and promotions.

I wish we would pay our teachers more. I wish we would not overburden them with too many classes. I wish we had smaller class sizes. I wish many wonderful things for our teachers. If our teachers had better working conditions, imagine our children’s learning environment. Yes, there are many children who each year over come their circumstances. However, I implore you, imagine the child who had to overcome these small obstacles, you know, the one who became successful. What if instead, he were able to use the that drive to better society.

Unfortunately, we all have multi-lemmas (trilemma, dilemma, etc). We have multiple wants and needs, yet we can only satisfy some of them. What if a child wants to improve his or her family’s economic standing, but also wants to improve the economic standing of society as a whole? Not everyone can do both. After all, there are other needs that eat up our time as well.

It takes more than ambition to have the capability of handling multiple large wants-needs at a time. … also, there are many lessons what we all want our children to learn, and teachers can only do so much. We as a society need to work together in order to create the best environment for our children. We as a society need to work together to create the best world for us to live. All I am saying is that treating our teachers better would be a great start.

Ramble over.

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