Greatness is made not born

I started a new job yesterday and I will be ‘stuck’ in training for the next few weeks.

Yesterday, we watched a couple of inspirational videos. The messages have stuck with me — and I am going to work on making sure they continue to do so.

Talent Grows. The great people were not born. They started out not knowing what they are known for. Did some of them have an easier time learning it? Some yes, but not all. Others put in HOURS if training (practicing) EVERY DAY.

Normal is merely average. Are you normal or are you abnormal? Be the odd ball. Try harder than everyone else.

Are you not achieving at par with everyone else? Find out why. Not all technics will benefit everyone. Purhaps you need to be weird and break from the norm to excel.

Are you excelling beyond your peers? Find out why. See if you can help others excel with you.

Conclusion. Your success is yours but it is not yours alone. If you have failed, it is only because your talent is growing. When you succeed it becomes your responsibility to help others succeed.

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