Dear Diary, 12-18-2016

Dear Diary ….

Okay. No. This won’t be diary entry, but it will be informal (might not even proof read, not that I ever do anyhow) and kind of an update on my life in general.

Where to start …. well, Made by Chanel is doing pretty good. That is my wax tart and candle business. Well, right now it is solely such wax products. My limit on eBay has increase to 120 items. SO EXCITED. Last night I made 7 new bags. Three Lavender, one Rose, two Love Spell, two Chocolate Covered Cherries. Today, I am working on refining my eBay listings.

I have started training at a tax service office. Over the next few months, I will be preparing people’s tax returns. Oh, what fun. Actually, I kind of am excited about it. I am considering going back to school to earn my CPA. Just considering though. I also really want to earn my MS in Applied Economics.

The Economist has a GRE vocab study app thing. Downloaded it and now creating flashcards/study cards. I think the US might be a gerontocracy. Think about it. What is the average age of congress? It will also vary between localities, but… I think the US might be a gerontocracy. That in and of itself is not a bad thing, BUT it definitely has its pros and cons. I might write an article expanding on this idea.

For Christmas I have decided to make duck, kimchi mash potatoes, rice pudding, and sangria. Haven’t decided on what else to serve. Also, haven’t decided whether to have it Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Oh, and two more of my mice have cancer and will need to be put down sooner rather than later. Arrived in St Louis with 10 mice, currently have 5, about to have only three. This is sad. My husband has voted against attaining more mice and doesn’t want to get a cat yet. We have also decided I am not responsible enough or patient enough for a dog yet. Ugh! I want more animals!!!


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