Mountains to Clime, Roads to Travel

Two updates in one: weight and education.

Weight: Okay, so that five miles a day things fell flat on its face. That lasted about a two weeks I think. Oh, man. Was I sore?! Not only did I not lose weight during those two weeks, I think I might have possiblely maybe kind of sort of gained 2 or 3 pounds thereafter.

New plan. Better for me foods AND light exercising – no five mile days for a while I promise.

My friend and I are low carbing together. So far, doing GREAT! I started off with a liquid diet right before Easter. Totes worth. Lost three or four pounds in about 3 days. Between Easter and traveling, I gained a pound and a half to two pounds.

Here is the numbers from April 12th, 2017 to today April 21st, 2017:
206.6 -> 203.6 -> 202.4 -> 203.2 -> 203.0 -> 204.0 ->202.8 -> 202.4

The left over sweets from Easter are slowly getting consumed. Thanks to my liquid diet, I ate one plate and it wasn’t stacked sky high. So proud of me. Hubby was also full, so we took home a plate of sweets to share. One slice of any thing we wanted. Things we both wanted (like the cheese cakes), we split. Things only one of us wanted, we get to our selves. Don’t worry folks, since my angel food cake is not sugar free, that to will be split in half when I get to that.

I am trying to work out a little once in a while. It is not happening everyday, yet, but I am working on it. There is a three pound weight in my apartment that I try to use when I am causally sitting around. Remember, a little is better than nothing. Yesterday, hubs and I went to the STL Zoo for about an hour. We walked about 2.5 miles. Burned off the equivalent of a candy bar … or half a slice of cheese cake 😉

So long as I am losing at least 0.2 pounds a day (that is the increments of my scale), I won’t feel bad about my sweets this week. Next week, I won’t have sweets and will be working out more, so the weight will be coming off faster. That’s the idea any way.

My goal weight is 130 overall. My stepping stone goal is 198-199 by May 1st. WISH ME LUCK!

Education: So, I have decided on which advance education rout I want to take right now. M.S. in Applied Economics. Also, narrowed it down to labor and finance. Either would be good for becoming Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank. However, finance might make it easier.

My plan is to take the test in June. Get applications out by the end of July. Start either the fall or spring semester.

Here is the problem. I checked out a study book from the library about a month ago and currently only half way through. I haven’t been studying vocab or test taking skills like I have been wanting to do. Now that I am off work, there are no excusing (I was a tax preparer this last tax season).

Here is hoping anxiety or depression doesn’t mess up my plans too much in the coming months. WISH ME LUCK!


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