My thoughts on a beautiful Saturday morning

My thoughts this fine Saturday morning. Beware, this post will have little to no flow to it and is a collection of random thoughts I want to share. ENJOY!

Thought One: I am learning Spanish now using Duolingo (free plug). I haven’t been using it everyday like I should, but regardless I am learning many words. My Spanish speaking friends are impressed with progress. I have 1507 XP in Spanish on the app. Eventually, I would like to take a formal class, become fluent, have employers pay me more for being bilingual.

Thought Two: I have taken up oil painting. Beware, I will be sharing photos of my art work. My studies right now are feathers or inspired by feathers. Why feathers? I don’t know. Maybe I thought they were easy? Whelp, they are certainly less difficult than say people, but …

Thought Three: I am having difficulty with my diet and exercise routine. My carbohydrate intake is much to high. My activity time is much too low. Yesterday, I managed to convince myself to do a few arm curls using the 5 lb weight and a few crunches. Though I was maintaining my weight loss for a few months, in the last month I have gain about 3 lbs back. It is not like I lost a ton of weight so this 3 lbs upsets me, but not enough to kick my butt into gear. **Humph** Let’s see if I can increase my efforts soon.

Thought Four: My entire life has been a struggle with self-accountability. Frequently, I have great ideas. Wonderful, large, grandiose ideas. Frequently, those ideas are never or hardly acted upon. To change this, I have started a self-accountability notebook.

My self-accountability notebook is simply a to-do list. Each page is a week’s to-do list. Walk an average of 1.25 miles a day. Complete chapter 16 of tax training. Pay the bills. Paint. Study Spanish. If I complete the task, it gets marked off with a purple market — my favorite color. When the week ends, any uncompleted items are marked off with a red marker and added to the next week.

Last week I was supposed to be finish with my basic tax training of my spring time job. I am a little more than half way complete this morning. I am hoping to complete it today, but I have several chapters still to go.

Thought Five: For the week starting October 15th, one of my goals is to be up everyday by 7 am. E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y. This week I have been doing pretty good about getting a head start on that. It helps that I need to take my dog out about 6 am and can get coffee after. Also, helps when I need to be at work by 7:30 am a couple days of the week. However, there were a few days that I could have slept in and did not. I am so proud of myself.

Thought Six: My coffee is gone. Should I get more coffee? I will have to think about it.

Thought Seven: Perhaps I should make diary like entries more often. I make them occasionally when I have thoughts I want to share, haven’t shared in quite a while, and don’t want to put forth the effort to make a more formal post about said thoughts. Everyday is much too frequent. Perhaps weekly? Hmmm… More things to think about.



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