If only the best? Take a stand!

Use What Talent You Possess; The Woods Would Be Very Silent If No Birds Sang except Those That Sang Best. – Henry Van Dyke

Read this article.

This is why I am writing, or at least one of the reasons. I love to write about my ideas. It helps me refine them and better be able to articulate them. I might not be the best, but where will I be if I don’t write at all?

Do what you enjoy doing. Try new things. Do not compare yourself against the best, but against your former self. Be better than you were yesterday. Do more than you did yesterday. Above all else, you do you. Have fun and live life!

My imperative – my command – is to ….

My imperative – my command  is to work directly with individuals to help them overcome societal barriers by helping them find answers and increase their knowledge.

I seek to impact individuals or groups of individuals.

I am driven to ensure everyone has access to opportunity.

I uncover new information and develop insights.

It breaks my heart to know people go hungry. It breaks my heart to know that people sleep without shelter. It breaks my heart to know that people go without health care. What breaks my heart more is to hear people say that those people deserve it. No one deserves to be hungry. No one deserves to not have shelter. No one deserves to go without treatment. No one. Not the “good” people. Not the “bad” people. Not adults. Not children. No one deserves to be in poverty.

In the not too distant future no one will go hungry. No one will be without shelter. No one will be without healthcare. This is an idealized view of the near future. Some may say that this is unrealistic and unachievable. However, nothing is impossible if we work together to build the perfect society. What matters is not that we achieve this within our lifetime, but that we continuously work toward it.

Magic is Not Real: Chapter Four: …

There is blackness all around me. I cannot see where I am going. I cannot see what I am wearing, but it is heavy. Kind of feels like a dress. What is going on? Why can’t I see?

A single light comes on. The room is huge, and the light is far away. Still, blackness lengers. I am in a ball room, maybe? The floors are made of a dark marble. I am wearing a dress. It is a huge burgundy ball gown–possibly a medieval inspiration. My long curly red hair is done up as if I were attending a ball.

A few people start coming out of the shadows. “Your highness!” They call. I twirl around. More and more people are coming out of the shadows. “Save us!” The people call out. “Your highness come back to us! Save us! 

Sandy now steps out of the shadows. What is she doing here? She was wearing her usual black pant suit, but it was different somehow. She looked menacing. “Yes, Gen. Help them. Help them if you can, Genevieve!” She scoffed.

My skin warmed at her threat. “THESE ARE MINE!” I yelled at her. “YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM!” With my rage, came fire. First from the edges of my dress, then from the tips of my fingers. In little time, I was covered in fire. No, I was the fire. 

I focused my anger towards Sandy, and my fire followed. It shot toward her and seemed to engulf her. I focused on her with everything I had. When my rage faded, so to did the fire.  Surely, that stopped her. I thought to myself. Then the smoked cleared…

… and I heard it. Sandy’s menacing laugh. “This is why you should have never left. You are weak now. You will never be able to keep your possessions safe again! I WIN!”

I shot out of bed in a cold sweat. My sheets were soaked with sweat. “Shit” I whispered. It was just a dream.” Laying back down the bed was cold, but it was welcoming after such a night terror.

Glancing at my alarm, “It’s only 2:30.” I shut my eyes. Hoping against hope, that I could get back to sleep soon.