I hate history classes

During grade school history class was so boring! They taught us the same things year after year — only slightly more detailed than the last. SNOOZE! UGH! Can we blame our children or ourselves for failing at the subjects we hated if our teachers failed to inspire our engagement? Well, yes and no, but that is not our topic today.

During grade school, I was disinterested in my history classes because it was the same information year after year. During my freshman year of high school, my algebra teacher mentioned something about Galileo Galilei. In that moment, I realized that history is all around us. EVERYTHING has a history-has a story behind it.

Upon my realization, I attempted to read more about the history behind the subjects I found interesting. However, I was fourteen. That didn’t last long. Ten years later–after graduating college–I am now reading again about the subjects I find interesting. Current topic–The Great Depression: America from 1928-1942.

During my current readings, I have realized or just really gave it thought really….. everything has history thus everything is related. Since everything is related, learning about one subject makes it easier to learn about the other things going on around it.

Moral of the story is: you can learn something you are not passionate about,  all you need to do is relate it to something you are passionate about.

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