A long over due post… January 5, 2016

Sorry I haven’t written in a while.

On the last day of November I started a new job and it has thrown my reading and inspection schedule to wackiness. Also, I got married yesterday, but no biggie.

I am about half way through The Great Depression: America, 1929-1941 by Robert S. McElvaine, 25th anniversary edition. Chapter 9 Moral Economics: American Values and Culture in the Great Depression has really got me in the mood to consume Depression – Era media creatives. On my list of movies to re-watch include The Wizard of Oz, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, It’s a wonderful life, and many more. Then there are the movies I have never watched: Our Daily Bread, Little Caesar, among others.

I told my self that I wasn’t going to make any new years resolutions, instead I am just going to make the effort to live my life the way I see best fit. That includes adapting better to my new job — meaning instead of binge watching Supernatural every night, I make time to do the things that I really truly want to do: finish this book! … and start a few more.

Wish me luck! …. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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